Power of Light

The Company

ERC is a leading product developer and manufacturer in the lighting control gear market and in the industrial transformers market. Long known for outstanding technological innovation and the superior performance of its products, the Company has been manufacturing high quality, reliable ballasts and lighting control gear for more than 50 years.

Our product range includes magnetic chokes, electronic and magnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, emergency systems, ballasts and ignitors for HID lamps, power supplies for LED systems, and transformers for industrial automation.

All of our products are certified according to IEC and CENELEC standards and tested in the accredited European, Asiatic and American certification laboratories.  The company complies with UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 standard.  We are a permanent member of the main international sector associations (ZVEI, ASSIL, ANIE, CELMA), standardization bodies (CEI, CENELEC, IEC) and we work in close contact with the approval test laboratories including IMQ, CSQ, UL, ENEC). Our products are proudly made in house by our professional technicians, and bear the famous "Made in Italy" trademark that is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship throughout the world.

Our headquarters are located in Calolziocorte, Italy on the shores of Lake Como.  Currently the company employs 150 people.

Our sales network is based on a consolidated team of account executives, agents and distributors operating worldwide.

The superb quality of our products and our deep market knowledge makes us a reliable partner, able to meet the current and future needs of companies operating in the lighting and transformers industry.

We are inspired by illumination!


Founded in 1954, ERC (Elettro Radio Costruzioni), first launched its business as a manufacturer in the small transformer and winding industry.  The business focus evolved into the ballasts industry where ERC continuously grew its market position to become a key-player in the lighting industry in Italy and in Europe.

Restructuration strategies led to the establishment of ERC Srl in 2015 when Viapaq Lighting BV, a Dutch holding company owned by international interests, took the lead of the management of ERC.

Inventiveness, innovation and unmatched quality secured ERC’s reputation as a reliable source of superior components for both lighting and industrial automation.  The Company has successfully delivered against that promise for almost six decades. 

Today ERC is among the market leaders in Italy and Europe, and has a strong presence worldwide.