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VIAPAQ Lighting

ERC Srl is pleased to communicate to the esteemed customers that ERC is now part of the VIAPAQ LIGHTING B.V. Group.

The incorporation into the European VIAPAQ LIGHTING Group guarantees to ERC the value to be part of a strong and European widespread organization with the benefit of immediate access to innovative leading edge LED technologies and to an empowered catalog of solutions that give unmatched advantages and competitiveness to the ERC's customer base.

In the spirit of the Group, ERC Srl has been renamed VIAPAQ LIGHTING SRL and the company holds the property of the ERC brand and the ERC Intellectual Property Rights.

VIAPAQ LIGHTING's market proposition and R&D efforts are focused exclusively in Led components for the lighting manufacturer’s market and offers its customers:

i) brand new "active" Led modules holding an exclusive technology that integrates on the same PCB the led driver and the led-sources;
ii) passive led modules which integrates the best quality led on a single PCB board with length up to 1.500mm;
iii) very high power led drivers up to 540W, in a compact and lightweight form-factor for very high flux lighting projectors; an unmatched extreme low flicker solution for the new generation of High-Definition-video projectors, specifically designed for Stadium and Sport/Events lighting;
iv) new generation led drivers suited for low/mid power applications with a range from 4Watt to 150W.

Legacy products for HID and fluorescence lighting previously traded by ERC have been made obsolete. As a notice we have still some parts in stock in case our esteemed customers requires spare-parts or replacements. Consultancy and Support are in any case available to suggest, if he case, third party products to satisfy quite any need.
Please note that we have signed agreements with prime Italian manufacturers of magnetic ballasts, transformers and kits for fluorescence emergency lighting. In case we are pleased to propose the best solutions to satisfy quite any of your requirements.

In case of need please send an email to the link in the footnote.

NOTE: we repute of value to our customers to leave active the traditional www.erc.it web site in order to make available technical information useful for maintenance in the installed base and as help in finding alternative solutions.