Development Sw Suite for Lighting Systems
Development Sw Suite for Lighting Systems
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Product Description

  • A complete suite of SW facilities enables customer’s light-engineers to control hundreds of light-points to dimmer, switch and change colors, on a touch-command or on a timeline-based self-running scenography.
  • Graphical  touch interface on Windows
  • Client Interface available on Android tablets & smartphones
  • Runs with direct connections to a PC, on company wired network (Lan/Man/Wan) wired or wireless); wireless connections under dedicated or company WiFi
  • Suited for any light applications: show-rooms, trade-show booths, shopping-malls, theatres, monuments & fountains, warehouses, office building, etc.
  • Drives light controllers on a standard DMX-network
  • Sw facilities include: sliders to command up to 72 channels (sw limit, expandable on customer request); timeline, random-games, strobo, sound-game, scene generator , real-time-clock.
  • Local saving of the end-user’s created application or program upload to the DMX-Player for stand-alone run