STN 87
Ballasts for high pressure sodium vapour lamps in weatherproof case
Product Name: STN 87
Data Sheet(s): 2.7.35 (PDF - 460Kb)
2.7.36 (PDF - 199Kb)

Product Description

  • Independent ballast, class II
  • Protection index IP 65
  • Black container of thermoplastic self-extinguishing material
  • Built-in phase capacitor
  • Ballast encapsulated in polyester resin
  • Provided with PG11 Type bushings (for cable ΓΈ 5-10 mm)
  • Screwless terminal for line-lamp connection for cable with max section 2x2.5 mm2, provided with additional terminal for a possible protection conductor
  • Suitable both for direct fixing in the luminaire and for wall mounting