ASRI 10,3 AL
Instant hot restrike ignitors for metal halide lamps - long arc
Product Name: ASRI 10,3 AL
Data Sheet(s): 3.2.41 (PDF - 336Kb)
3.2.42 (PDF - 182Kb)

Product Description

  • Symmetric superposed pulse ignitor
  • Polyester plastic case with protection index IP 66
  • The case is provided with a hole for input cables, a hole for input/output safety contacts of the luminaire and holes for output cables, and hole for antivacuum valve
  • Cables for lamp connection with max. length 0.7m, 2.5mm2 silicon type
  • Automatic cut-off of high voltage supply if the lamp ignition does not occur within 3 seconds. The operation is reset after power supply is switched off and on again
  • Input terminals with 6 poles for the connection to the net and to the safety contacts of the luminaire.
  • Cable section 2.5รท4mm2
  • With interference suppression filter capacitor
  • Complying with EN 61347-2-1