CLA 96
Electronic switching device for HID lamps and incandescent/halogen lamps
Product Name: CLA 96
Data Sheet(s): 3.2.45 (PDF - 487Kb)
3.2.46 (PDF - 203Kb)

Product Description

HID lamps normally need some minutes after ignition before the nominal operation can be achieved.

Furthermore, the re-ignition in hot conditions requires some minutes before the lamp can start the ignition phase and consequently its normal operation so that the lighting flux achieves the nominal level. Even a very short break of supply voltage or rapid voltage transients can switch off the HID lamp thus creating darkness.

To overcome this inconvenience it is possible to match the HID lamp with an auxiliary incandescent or halogen lamp. The switching device series CLA controls the immediate and automatic ignition of the auxiliary lamp while the HID lamp is achieving its nominal operation. Of course, when this condition is achieved the auxiliary lamp switches off automatically.