CBP 8,0
Electronic switching device for bi-power systems with high pressure sodium & mercury vapour lamps
Product Name: CBP 8,0
Data Sheet(s): 3.2.43 (PDF - 289Kb)
3.2.44 (PDF - 219Kb)

Product Description

  • Suitable for use with bi-power magnetic ballasts (tapped version) for high pressure sodium and mercury vapour lamps
  • Suitable for use with superposed pulse ignitors by respecting the wiring diagrams
  • Electronic circuit
  • Fully encapsulated in autoextinguishing resin
  • Screw terminals for rigid or fine stranded cables with section as indicated in the drawing
  • Polyamide casing with fastening shank M8x10
  • Full power lamp start and re-start always assured for the versions with delayed switching
  • Version with spring terminal for cable section 0.75รท2.5 mm2 available on demand
  • For bi-power ballasts see catalogue No.4