Pole Module
Product Name: DELIGHT-HID
Data Sheet(s): Call ERC Highlight Customer Service

Product Description

  • Power Line Module (PLM) designed to manage communications between any single HID luminaire and the PLM network gateway
  • Single-phase PLM MODULE
  • Integrated filter for low impedance loads
  • Light power control by 2 switches:
    • Low current: for Bi-power HID ballast
    • High current (up to 2 Arms) to manage external loads (ON/OFF)
  • Suited for HPS & Q Lamps
  • Requires Bi-Polar HID Ballasts and CBP Switch
  • Integrated lamp metrology (Vrms, Irms, P, Var, Power Factor)
  • Voltage: 90-264VAc @50/60Hz
  • Power: 1W standard; 4W maximum
  • Current: up to 8 Amp
  • Operation conditions:
    • Temperature: -25*C ÷ 70°C
    • Humidity: 0 ÷ 80% (31°C)
  • Independent version IP67